Headmaster's Message

I extend a warm welcome to St Joseph’s College, Kolkata.

Over the last two years, the Covid’19 pandemic opened the floodgates of hitherto unknown challenges; foremost been the deteriorating mental health and decrease in wellness in children and young adults. Social isolation, uncertainty of immediate future, fear of the unknown, parental stress at home, lack of communication, etc, negatively affected the young minds.

Dependency on electronic media, young people in search of assertion and companionship, may have wandered into the dark and disturbing lanes and by lanes of the Ethernet. The alarming rise in the usage of social media in search of self recognition, has transformed an entire generation into social pariahs with deteriorating levels of communication skills and social attributes.

Closed schools and online learning during the pandemic significantly affected not only the learning outcomes of students but also their mental health. Most of them were cut off from their physical social milieu and opportunities to strike new relationships outside the family and neighbourhood. Society must urgently help young people develop relationships in their life.

An environment of positivity, safety and joyfulness is all we need to bring back these troubled youngsters into their natural and beautiful selves. St Josephs College is just that place. It is here we build lasting and cohesive relationships with teachers, parents and students. The more relationships we can put in the path of children, the better.

We at St Joseph’s College are aware of the Sustainable Development Goals as proposed and pledged by all member states of the United Nations. Our teachers are committed to help our students to comprehend these goals by imbedding them in their lesson plans. We are hopeful; that our students would embrace these goals and find their own solutions through increased awareness and by forging new relationships with their surroundings.

Our teachers encourage their students to rebuild these critical relationships, which are integral to both learning and mental health. We are confident that our young students would lead their societies in the future to mitigate these challenges through lasting and positive actions.

We believe that“Learning occurs in relationships” .

Welcome to St Josephs College, a happy and safe place to build lasting and memorable relationships

Be blessed; Stay blessed.

John Gomes
St. Joseph’s College
Kolkata 700012

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