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Dear Readers,
"Education is not the name of any degree or certificate that can be shown to others as a proof… but education is the name of our attitude, actions, language, behaviour...
Our Founder
Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice was born on 1st June 1762. He was born in Callan,Ireland at a time of great troubles.Edmund was the fourth of seven sons. Because of a long period of religious persecution in Ireland, the Rice children had to be taught at home by travelling teachers.
Principal's Message
Dear Parents, Students and Well wishers,
I have the greatest pleasure in welcoming all of you to the St. Joseph’s College website which I am sure will be a repository of online information and resources for all. I am greatly impressed by the commitment shown by the students and staff of the school in putting together all that it takes to make the website...
Photo Gallery
Updated On: 9-Feb-2024
Amit Da Farewell.
Amit Da Farewell.
Our Achievements
Toppers 2018-2023

Jay Popat

ISC 96.25% (2023)

Akash Roy

ISC 97% (2022)

Raj Shah

ISC 99% (2021)

Aliakber Calcuttawala

ISC 96.50% (2020)

Anant Mohta

ISC 98.50% (2019)

Aditya Pal Chaudhuri

ISC 96.75% (2018)

Devansh Desai

ISC 96.75% ( 2018)

Writdhit Mondal

ICSE 97.60% (2023)

Sayantan De

ICSE 98.40% (2022)

Jay Popat

ICSE 99% (2021)

Ruchisnu Dey

ICSE 98.40% (2020)

Raj Shah

ICSE 96.60% (2019)

Rithwik Jaiswal

ICSE 96.20% (2018)

School Facilities

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