Child Protection Policy

On the 8th of September 2012, the Congregation of Christian Brothers in India formulated their Child Protection Policy so as to provide a healthy environment to promote the all-round growth and development of their students, safe from any forms of abusive behaviour.

Every Teacher in our schools has studied the Policy outlined in the document “Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults” read alongwith it’s handbook and is committed to implementing its directions.

To effectively implement this Policy, a structure consisting of a School Protection Officer who reports directly to the Society Protection Officer in Delhi on all complaints received from our school.

If you are aware of any incident of abuse kindly get in touch with the following :

  • School Protection Officer : Mrs. Pallavi Das
  • Society Protection Officer :

Code of Protective Behaviour

The Code of Protective Behaviour requires that all members of the CCBI its employees, agents and volunteers, when dealing with children and young people attending our Schools, are NOT to :

  • Engage in behaviour that is intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade;
  • Use inappropriate, offensive or discriminatory language;
  • Use coarse language;
  • Do things of a personal nature that a child can do for itself, such as assistance with toileting or changing clothes;
  • Take children to their own home or place of residence or sleep along with a child in the same room or bed;
  • Smack, hit or physically assault;
  • Develop sexual relationships of any kind;
  • Engage in any sexual conversation or discuss sexual behaviour, unless it is part of a legitimate lesson and discussion approved for teaching;
  • Show sexually oriented or inappropriate printed materials such as magazines, videos and films;
  • Behave provocatively or inappropriately;
  • Condone or participate in behaviour that is illegal, unsafe or abusive;
  • Act in a way that shows unfair and differential treatment;
  • Photograph or video without parental/guardian consent;
  • Hold, kiss, cuddle or touch in inappropriate, unnecessary or culturally insensitive ways;
  • Seek to make contact and spend time with outside program times;
  • Hire minors as domestic labour;
  • Transport without parental/guardian written consent except in the event of an emergency;
  • Use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Supply alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Use inappropriately electronic equipment such as computers, cell phones, video and digital cameras.
  • Under no circumstances shall there be any attempt to intimidate a complainant or to dissuade a complainant from proceeding with a complaint or disclosure.
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