Admission and Withdrawal

  • Formal admission is complete only after the application form has been scrutinized, the child assessed, the parents informed of the result and a school identity card issued.
  • No pupil will be admitted to the school without an official Transfer Certificate from the institution last attended, nor may he be placed in a class higher than that for which the Transfer Certificate shows him qualified.
  • The management, acting through the Principal, reserves to itself the right to refuse admission to any boy without furnishing reasons.
  • For withdrawal of a pupil from the school, a month’s notice must be given in writing, otherwise a month’s fees will be charged before a transfer certificate is issued.
  • Duplicate copies of transfer certificates are not issued without authorization of the inspector of schools.
  • The school management, acting through the Principal, reserves the right to resign the charge of any pupil who is deemed unsatisfactory.
  • A pupil’s name may be struck off the school register if he is absent from school for two successive calendar weeks without the permission of the Principal. If re-admitted, admission fee will be charged again.
  • The school management acting through the Principal will request the withdrawal of a pupil who fails for two consecutive years.
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